Given the following information calculate the unit product cost under absorption costing
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Nov 07, 2010 · If a triangle has sides of lengths a and b, which make a C-degree angle, then the length of the side opposite C is c, where c2 = a2 + b2 − 2ab cosC. This is the SAS version of the Law of Cosines. 14+6=20. With 20 as the 3rd side, the triangle would collapse into a straight line. Close to 20 cm, and the triangle would be very narrow. 14-6=8 cm. with 8 as the 3rd side, again, the triangle collapses into a straight line. the third side can be any length between 8 and 20 centimeters In which case of the following lengths of sides of a triangle, is it possible to draw a triangle? a.3cm,4cm,7cm b.2cm,3cm,7cm c.3cm,4cm,5cm d.3cm,3cm,7cmQ. Two sides of a triangle have side lengths of 17 meters and 12 meters. What is the range of possible lengths for the third side?